Children in Law and Policy

New Zealand has a Government and a Prime Minister who have committed to the vision of Aotearoa New Zealand as the best place to be a child. We know that this can only be achieved if children’s rights and needs are a top priority when it comes to Government decision-making.

All children living in New Zealand have the right to have their voices and their needs considered in any decisions that affect them. This right is guaranteed under the UN Convention on the Rights of the child, which New Zealand has committed to.

We know that all too often, children are invisible in the laws and policies which affect them, and that this can mean that their rights and needs go unaddressed.

Barnardos advocates for children to be a top priority for decision makers when considering laws and policies. 

Some solutions we advocate for are:

If you want to see how we advocate for this, check out some of Barnardos most recent submissions, or our joint advocacy campaign, Five to Thrive.