Barnardos is Aotearoa’s leading children’s charity.

Every day we work to make a lasting difference to the lives of tamariki and whānau in need, so they thrive.

Supporting children and whānau across Aotearoa

Our reach is nationwide and our unique combination of social services and early childhood education means we provide the broadest range of child-centred services in Aotearoa. We work to build relationships and community, with children and their whānau.

Making a lasting difference

Every day, our professional and dedicated staff help build communities where all children are nurtured and supported so they can reach their full potential. Communities that are thriving and happy for children and their families, so they have what they ne

Our children deserve more

Imagine an Aotearoa where every child shines bright. Enabling children to achieve their potential by ensuring they have the best start in life is an absolute necessity - but for many there are challenges throughout their childhood.

When these challenges are not addressed, they can harm our young people, erode their potential and limit their chances for success. That’s why our services are designed to meet the needs of children from birth to adulthood, and range from universal services like early learning to intensive therapeutic services targeted at children and young people who are most in need. We are dedicated to achieving our vision of an Aotearoa where every child shines bright. They deserve nothing less.

The Executive Leadership Team 

Our Board of Directors

​​​​How it all started:

Barnardos New Zealand 1969-Present 

After supporting Barnardo's UK for 100 years, Dr Barnardos in New Zealand was incorporated in 1969 to support children and their families and whānau closer to home.