Our partners

We build reciprocal partnerships with organisations that share our values.

Social partners

Nationally and regionally, we work in partnership with Government, other key stakeholders, iwi, hapū and kaupapa Māori organisations. There is not a single Barnardos service that is not in partnership with others in their community, which better supports positive outcomes for tamariki, rangatahi and whānau.

Philanthropic partners

We rely on the generous contribution of our philanthropic partners to enable us to continue our mahi with tamariki and rangatahi in communities across Aotearoa. Thank you to the numerous businesses, Trust and Foundations, both local and national, and individual philanthropists who make a significant contribution to help us in our mission of creating an Aotearoa where every child shines bright.

The Sarah Lilli Fund

We are proud to support the Sarah Lilli Fund, a charitable initiative that provides hope and assistance to children in need. There are more than 250,000 children in New Zealand living below the poverty line, whose families struggle to provide even simple daily necessities. For these children, opportunities to pursue their interests and talents, or enjoy holiday activities with their peers are few and far between. The Sarah Lilli fund aims to change that.

Our Current partners