Positive effects for more than 60 years

We work together with those in our communities who are facing really tough issues – family violence, addiction, neglect, abuse, and struggles with mental health. Barnardos has risen to the challenge in 2020 of addressing these continuing needs, which existed in communities before COVID-19, but which the pandemic has magnified.

13,095 calls and e-chats

Number of calls and e-chats for help from children and young people that were answered by our free 0800 What’s Up helpline

(2018/19 – 19,134 calls and e-chats)

2,395 parents

Number of parents who accessed our parenting education courses

(2019/19 – 2,395 parents)

3,815 people

Number of people Barnardos helped to deal with the impact of family violence and abuse

(2018/19 – 4,021 families)

1,239 families

Number of families who were supported by Barnardos LEAP services 

(2018/19 – 1,380 families)

688 people

Number of children and their caregivers who were supported by Barnardos family violence programmes

(2018/19 – 539 people)

4,554 people

Number of young people and caregivers assessed to determine if a family breakdown has occurred, as part of determining their eligibility for an income benefit payment

(2018/19 – 4,323 people)

103 young people

Number of young people cared for and supported in our residential care services

(2018/19 - 38 young people)

88 children

Number of children supported through Barnardos Foster Care services

(2018/19 – 128 children and young people)

97%  satisfied clients

% of clients who were very satisfied or satisfied with the service they received from Barnardos

(2,107 people out of a total 2,170 surveyed – 2018/19 – 98%)