Face-to-face fundraising

Many of our Children’s Champions (monthly givers) join via face-to-face fundraising. This involves our fundraisers talking with people about Barnardos on their doorstep, outside a shop or in a shopping centre.  

Barnardos fundraisers are passionate about making a difference for New Zealand children and knowledgeable about our work. Over the years we have found the conversations they have with people are one of the best and most cost effective ways for people to learn about what we do and become supporters. 

Our fundraisers 

All fundraisers wear Barnardos branded clothing and have an official ID. However, if you have any questions about a fundraiser please call 0800 005 437. 

Where are our fundraisers this week?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all fundraisers are currently stood down.

Note: due to Covid-19 our fundraisers are taking the following precautions. They are carrying and using masks and hand sanitiser. They are encouraged to maintain a physical distance of 1 metre when interacting with the public. For the purposes of contact tracing, a record is kept of where they have been. 


Is my information secure?

Are fundraisers paid?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Is my information secure?

Yes, fundraisers use tablets to collect people’s details electronically, which ensures the security of all personal and financial information. For your and their safety they are unable to accept cash donations.